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The Beginner’s Guide to Hotel SEO

As of October 2015, there are more than 100 billion web searches a month. And that’s just Google. As more travelers are starting their search online, being one of the hotels that pops up in the rankings can make or break your business. Statistics show that 90% of people don’t make it past the first […]

8 Questions to evaluate the quality of your website

How good is the quality of your website? Here are 1o questions (or points) to reflect upon. It’s just a guide to see if your website has all the elements to make it a stunner. 1) How is the design? – Is is appealing? – Are the colours easy on the eyes and allows for users […]

Webdesign is essentially marketing

Design is the key to the success of your website. There is no question about it. Steve Jobs said it a few years back and he was totally right…look at Apple today. When designing for web, we want to focus on some key end result. Maybe you need them to sign up, download something, buy […]

Calculate the ROI of an SEO Campaign

A lot of companies and business owners have one question in mind…”are we making or losing money with SEO?” For this reason, most companies spend their marketing budget on paid search such as google adwords because it allows them to easily track their return on investment (ROI) Calculate your ROI with SEO is almost as easy […]

Search Engine Submission

Is Search Engine Submission Necessary?

The simple answer is no – search engine submission isn’t necessary. The majority of search engines nowadays (most notably Google) crawl and index pages by following links. Using that logic, a single inbound link from any already-indexed page will identify your page to the engine. Subsequently, if that page links to other pages within your site, they […]

Importance Of Anchor Text

The Importance of Anchor Text in Back-links

The importance of anchor text with respect to a linking strategy cannot be overstated. Back-links are a huge part of the search engine algorithm. When initiating a linking campaign, it is vital that external sites link using the appropriate keywords and terms in the anchor text. Almost always, linking candidates will use the company name as anchor […]

Incorporation Company

Incorporation of Company Branding and SEO

SEO is not an exact science. This becomes apparent when trying to incorporate both SEO and branding into a strategy. This process is finicky to say the least. On the one side, SEO deals with the placement of keywords and phrases. On the other side, branding deals with company loyalty and culture. Incorporating both sides dilutes the […]